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  • The idea of the competition KJSO is carried out as part of its International Science Olympiad and supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity. KJSO would guide the scientific interest of Korean junior high school students, create the right environment to discover and cultivate gifted junior high school students and let them participate in the final international tournaments.

  • IJSO is a individual and national competition of natural science in purpose of early excavation of the international gifted in science and international goodwill for scientists, science educators for gifted children, gifted children. Students under the age of 15 by country participate in three tests(objective theory, subjective theory, experiments) over all field of science (focus on physical law, chemistry, biology) Currently, it is the only Middle School Science Olympiad in the world, also the only science Olympiad to cover the whole field of science as well.