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  • Hello Everyone!
    ASEAN+3 Center for the Gifted in Science(ACGS) is created for the purpose of providing a place for the gifted students to stimulate their curiosity and develop their ability toward science, as well as a better opportunity to exchange ideas and friendship in the international pool of the gifted.

    First, ASEAN+3 Teacher Workshop & Student Camp is to make a creative result via group activity for assignment in the field of S&T with the gifted. Second, ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey (APT JSO) is a competition which is designed in order to resolve theoretical curiosity of the gifted by carrying out actual experiment, for them to get deeper knowledge and idea of that part of experiment, and to provide a place for the gifted in APT region to get international insight making friendships for their future. Third, ASEAN+3 Board of Directors Meeting is gathering to share some ideas for the gifted in science in APT region, and develop and exchange educational contents for them. In addition, it is discussed and decided what ACGS do in the next year for the gifted in science in this region.

    We think our role for gifted students is to draw their ability, build up an international network in order to and make them use the network for their career and research in the future in the field of S&T. And, of course, this workforce, which the gifted students will be someday, would be greatly helpful to make APT region raise its status in the international society.

    We, ACGS, would put a great deal of effort to make some more cooperation and exchange of the gifted and specialists, making progress for educational contents of the gifted in science. Furthermore, we would hope to create an opportunity for cooperation.

    Please keep showing us your continuos attention and cooperation for ASEAN+3 Center for the Gifted in Science. Thank you.